Kerala History

It was during the period of President’s rule that the decision on the reorganisation of the states of the Indian Union on linguistic basis was taken by the Government of India. Under the state Re-organisation Act of 1956 the four southern Taluks of Tovala, Agastiswaram, Kalkulam and Vilavancode and a part of the Shencottahtaluk were separated from Travancore-Cochin and induced in Madras state.

The districts of Malabar and Kasargod of South Canara were added on with the remaining portion of Travancore-Cochin to constitute the new state of Kerala. The state of Kerala formally came into existence on November 1,1956, with a Governor as the Head of the state. The last vestiges of princely rule in Kerala also disappeared with the end of the institution of Rajapramukh, following the formation of the new state. Before the formation of Kerala State, the state was divided into three major regions. The history of each region is as noted below.