2010 Donations

Charity work at Sandhwanam, Kannur

During Onam time, Mr. Girish Nair, DMA executive member visited an old age home called Sandhwanam based in Kannur and donated $500.00 for the needy people there. Sandhwanam is a private charitable trust for old people and orphans and is run by Mr. Sukhumar Azhikode. The amount donated by DMA was largely given to their new building fund as they desperately need a bigger place to shelter and portion was given for medicine and food. The organization housed 30 people of age ranging from 65 to 95 years, and their sole income is from donors like DMA and other charitable organizations. Although these people are devoid of love and affection from their own family; they seem very happy with the support and love they get from Sandhwanam.


    Donations to Hospitality House, Walled Lake, Michigan

    This year DMA Women Forum joined hands with the executive members to donate backpacks and school supplies for the needy kids. The mission of Hospitality House in Walled Lake is to end hunger in our community by providing food and necessities to those in need. Every year, Hospitality House provides clients in Kindergarten through 12th grade with backpacks full of school supplies. We were able to collect 46 backpacks (worth around 850 dollars) with school supplies for different age groups. The collected supplies were donated to the hospitality house on August 14, 2010. The staff at the hospitality house was very appreciative of the help that DMA provided.

      Charity work for SRMAB

      DMA joined hands with other leading Indian associations in Michigan to organize a cultural program by Shree Raman Mahashri Academy for the Blind (SRMAB) on 23rd October 2010. SRMAB has a residential school with over 300 visually impaired students in Karnataka. Their main focus is on advancing the needs of blind success. DMA members attended the SRMAB cultural programs in large numbers, and donated wisely. DMA wants to say ‘thank you’ to all its members for their participation and support for this noble cause.

        Donations from “DMA CAN Do”

        The DMA Executive Committee members decided that if each member brought a couple of cans of food for the monthly Executive Committee meeting, we would make a size-able collection to help feed the hungry people. The ‘DMA CAN Do!’ program was kicked off in July 2010 and we hope to keep this program going with all the help and good will of the DMA Executive Committee members. DMA donated 64 lbs of canned food to Gleaners at the Livingston Distribution Center on September 21, 2010. As one of the oldest food banks in the United States, Gleaners Community Food Bank’s mission is to turn surplus food, which otherwise would go to waste, into millions of nutritious meals for hungry people in southeastern Michigan.

          Other Charity Contributions

          DMA always plays a crucial role in charity events in Metro Detroit and Kerala. DMA believe to deliver 100% charity directly to the real needy, at their door step. Every year DMA distributes a substantial amount from its funds for charity events. Last year we raised more than $3000.00 by conducting Christmas Carol among its members and well wishers. This year DMA has helped following persons in Kerala and Metro Detroit for their medical treatments.
          1. Sukumaran Nair in Kerala for Kidney transplantation treatment
          2. Allen Babu in Kerala for Cancer treatment
          3. Peighton Bonk in Ann Arbor suffering from heart related problems
          4. Manna Mathew in Kerala for Cancer treatment.
          5. Haiti relief fund.
          6. UNICEF charity donation to support poor children

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